What can Healthper do for Merchants?

We offer merchants a unique capability to attract "ready to change" consumers. Our proprietary technology embeds, within each social game, an ability differentiate people interested in maintaining their health and wellbeing versus those motivated to change their health status. This differentiation allows merchants to highly customize program offers and deals, improving rates of acceptance, while enhancing engagement and healthcare experience for our members.

Healthper is perfect for merchants looking to:

  • Increase enrollment in your health and wellness programs
  • Promote your health products and services
  • Show results from the use of your programs, products or services
  • Build brand recognition with motivated and health conscious consumers

How does Healthper work for Merchants?

Healthper allows merchants to create innovative games for health engagement.

Get it going! Offer members simple social challenges; where to “win” they must engage in a health-related social activity to earn your special deal or reward. You can even provide 2-for-1 offers to engage both the member and his or her social connection.

Step up the game! Structure tailored pro-level challenges that require various methods of verification by our members; simple examples are the use of a health-related device, picture uploads, mobile location service (check-ins), or other backend processes. Once verified, the member then qualifies for your special program, product or service.

Get more creative! Create a complete card deck consisting of a mix of health activities, challenges, verifications, and customized rules for your personalized program, product or service offerings.