Healthper offers a turn-key solution to employers and health plans for health engagement.

We can directly help employers of all sizes encourage a healthy workforce, resulting in benefits such as improved productivity, lower absenteeism and better controlled healthcare costs.

For both health plans and self-insured employers, existing health & wellness programs offer the promise of potential future cost benefits. There is however, a greater immediate advantage from cost reductions driven from better ways of managing chronic diseases. New solutions are needed for high costs driven by lack of timely follow-up care, lack of medication compliance, high rates of readmissions from patients who fail to comply to a simple post-discharge regimen, etc.

Why is a more effective engagement model needed?

Most status quo programs, whether coupled with incentives or not, offer a very rigid approach to health engagement.

Such programs also tend to be restrictive, seldom allowing employees the flexibility of achieving their own health goals “their-way.” This scenario is further complicated by close links between "employer wellness programs" and employees' private health information, making employees feel that they are being "forced" to give-up their health information in return for the "incentives or rewards".

A new fresh perspective...

Healthper offers a new point of view, one combining the best of past wellness initiatives, while encouraging each person’s own motivation to engage in wellness and health improvement actions.

We use social-game mechanisms, embedding health activities into game-steps, various challenges, measurement verifications and regular self-monitoring within our game structures.

Healthper not only offers a pre-defined set of most common health & wellness cards, but it will also allow members to create their own health challenges, and engage with their social network of family, friends and healthcare professionals.

Over time, our members will demonstrate their "healthiness" based on the health score and various accomplishment badges they’ve accumulated. This health score and the badges are designed for maintaining the highest level of privacy for our members.

We suggest employers sponsor rewards based on the health score their employees are able to achieve, regardless of how the employees achieve that score. Some may achieve the score by excelling in physical activity and proper nutrition. Others may succeed by managing their weight, maintaining their diet, and keeping their cholesterol in check. Some people might attain the score by going for timely health screenings and preventive care.

All Healthper members are given an equal chance to manage their own wellness and earn rewards, while engaging with people in their social networks for support.

Want to configure your existing health programs?

Healthper currently allows configuration of a custom “deck of game cards”, that embed health activities, challenges, verifications, and rules that you define for your employees or plan members. During configuration, you can either create new programs - or integrate your existing health programs - whether they are internal to your organization or externally provided and managed by a health & wellness program vendor.

We will make it clear to its members which games are being offered by their employer of health plan in order to maintain complete transparency. Any type of reward – merchandise, discounts, cash-equivalents, etc. - can be directly coupled with the newly designed and tailored game cards.