About Us

Healthper is a social network game-based service making it easy, fun and rewarding for people to engage in healthy behaviors.

Healthper is fun for you, your family and friends. Our patent-pending “game-steps” are embedded with simple health actions and daily challenges. Members choose their games, each designed to help them achieve their personal goals, thus paving a distinctive path toward a healthier life.

Members’ progress is tracked and displayed by a unique “Healthper Score.” This measure is based on points accumulated from successfully completing game-steps the member chooses. This highly personalized score provides a measure of progress as well as a measure of status. As members rise in social rank within Healthper's broad community, they may also join more exclusive focused communities, or organize one or more on their own.

Elevated status qualifies members to help others who are beginning their own individual journeys. Such help could come from simply creating and sharing their own success stories, or more actively coaching others with specific focused tailored advice.

Regardless of points-level or status, all members are regularly rewarded with unique gifts and merchant deals for accomplishing their daily health actions, game-based challenges and many other health or community related functions.

Our goal is to help people gain and maintain greater wellbeing through healthy behavior and easy, fun, personalized, rewarding steps.